Delivery Areas & FAQ's​

Delivery Map

We currently deliver to the lower Central Coast including Umina, Killcare, Saratoga, Copacabana, Gosford, Avoca, Wamberal, etc.  Please see the map below to see delivery areas and prices. Currently delivery to any suburb in the 2257 area is FREE!

Delivery Areas Map

Portion Sizes: Our meals are served in a 650 ml container which will satisfy a single diner for dinner.

Some customers find the portion sizes are large and share the meal or portion one meal out over two nights. You may also like to serve your meal with a side salad or an extra protein if you wish.

Packaging: PachaMama delivers meals in recyclable containers. We are currently testing 100% biodegradable meal containers made from renewable materials, and we will be introducing these new containers in the near future. We understand that the environment is important to our customers and hope that you can be patient with us while we endeavour to find the best packaging for our meals that suit both fridge and freezer storage, as well as reheating in the oven or microwave.

Is there any cooking? No there is no cooking, just reheating of the meals. We serve you a complete dinner including sides and toppings. We endeavour to serve you wholesome home cooked meals with your health in mind. All our dishes are made from scratch using wholefood ingredients with no preservative or nasties. As we don’t use preservatives our meals have a fridge life of around 3-4 days and store in the freezer for up to 3 months. Reheating times depend on your equipment however we find the average time to reheat a meal from defrosted in the microwave is 2-3 mins or around 15 mins from frozen. This can vary from one microwave to another so we suggest you defrost on the “defrost” setting for 2 x 5 minute increments and then on heat for another 5 mins, continuing to check it’s heated to the centre. If you can, we recommend taking meals out of the freezer one day prior to consumption for quicker reheating. That is, take out the meal you want to eat the night before and store in the fridge for 24 hours to defrost. If you forget to do this, no worries, just defrost in microwave or oven. You can also reheat meals in the oven or stove top.

Do I have to be home to accept the delivery? No need to be home when your delivery arrives. All deliveries are now to be prepaid through our online store.

Ordering must be done by midnight on MONDAY for delivery on FRIDAY and we will send a reminder message on THURSDAY about your delivery with an estimated arrival time.

Delivery times are roughly:

3-4pm- Woy Woy Umina area

4-5pm- Empire Bay, Killcare etc

5-6pm Avoca, Kincumber

6-7pm Gosford

7-8pm- Narara, Long Jetty, Forresters Beach.

These times are an estimate and depend on how many orders we get from each area.