Pachamama Catering Central Coast Finger Food

Wholesome, indulgent gorgeous gatherings

Pachamama Catering is a wholesome, elegant and sustainable sourced catering service. With a strong reputation for beautiful looking, delicious cuisine and professional, friendly service. Pachamama focus on garden to plate style catering, using organic, local produce whenever possible, often picked from the Pachamama garden.

Pachamama Catering Central Coast Finger Food
Pachamama Catering Central Coast Wedding Catering

Constantly striving to achieve a lower impact on the environment, Pachamama Catering Central Coast keep waste and single use products to an absolute minimum. Pachamama compost all food scraps which eventually go back into the market garden to grow more nutritionally dense produce and herbs.

Whether you’re planning your wedding, a corporate event or a wellness retreat, Pachamama Catering will proudly serve the delicious meals of your choice, as well as accommodating any dietary requirements for guests. We have full vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and gluten free menus, as well as omni (everything).