Ali Bishop

With a dedication to creating memorable events, providing great customer service and designing wholesome, delicious food, I have been catering weddings and functions for over 10 years. I previously owned Pachamama Cafe in Killcare plus co-owned the popular Garden 2 Plate Cafe & Catering for 7 years.

I am passionate about providing guests with exciting dishes that are vibrant with alive food that’s colourful and pretty. I especially love garden to plate style catering where produce travels the least miles to get to your table I now have my own small permaculture garden, so often ingredients are sourced straight from my garden. All our kitchen scraps go straight back into my compost which ends up back on the veggie patch. It is my joy to see this cycle come full circle to the dishes I serve to my guests.

My love and passion for great food took me to New York to study plant based cuisine at culinary school in Brooklyn. I regularly host cooking workshops and events to share my love of creating fresh, delicious meals with the community.

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Our Story

About our name: Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth mother or Mother Earth. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting. Many modern South Americans believe that problems arise when people take too much from nature because they are taking too much from Pacha Mama.

Pachamama has a mission is to provide customers with vibrant, delicious, and environmentally conscious meals, showcasing the beauty and flavours of nature in every dish. Pachamama Catering Central Coast was founded in 2013 and is consistently growing with this philosophy at heart. Growing local, small batch fruit, vegetables and flowers, keeping waste and single use products to an absolute minimum, and constantly striving to achieve a lower impact on the environment, Pachamama Catering is one of the small businesses on the Central Coast, making a difference one meal at a time.

Over the last ten years Pachamama has been catering your life events, from weddings, birthday parties, corporate lunches and more, we have achieved a reputation for being one of the best caterers on the Central Coast. Pachamama provides catering for gatherings large and small. Weddings, parties and corporate clients including regular corporate clients, Trip Advisor, Uber and Spotify. We have worked in many venues across the Coast and beyond and have build relationships with not only venues but local suppliers and small businesses.